The whole Baby and Toddler group “thing”

The whole Baby and Toddler group “thing”

Jiggles, moving, messy, signing…Hmmm …you know what I mean

When I was little I played with lots of dolls, yes, that’s me in the picture surrounded by dolls.

 So here is the thing … well lots of “things” really .. It’s the whole little people’s group thing.

And the “thing” actually is … where did they all come from and what makes us grown-ups choose them?  Because lets be honest it’s the little person within us grown-ups that thinks yeah … “little me” would love that or bloody hell rather them cleaning that up than me!

Franchises. There are hundreds of jiggles, squiggles, messy, soft play, role-play, sensory, signing. Must stay within a certain geographical area, numbers to hit, marketing restrictions and lots of these are run by lovely mummies to make a living.  Its big business!

And then the cost… average £5 a session. So you go to two groups a week £10, take off a few weeks for “whatever’s” and a year of play for your little person can amount to a whopping £480.  Oh and that’s just for one.  Its gets really bloody scary when you have more than one under 5.  Add on a coffee with a friend afterwards and you are heading toward the cost of a weeks holiday each year or dare I suggest even a relaxing spa break, a massage and an annual waxing.

So here’s another “thing”.. What are the best ones and why?  What’s important and what’s not?  Is it the social interaction or just saving the cream carpet from tons of paint and jelly?

Where did all this madness even start?  What happened to good old-fashioned painting, building bricks, stories and make believe dolls?.  Well actually they too are making a come back, under a modern group guise of course.

So all this mind boggling stuff is after all just childs play and choices but important ones to us grown ups in a place where our little people are actually our world and we want to find them the best without having to remortgage to join in.

That’s the real “thing” here isn’t it? Straightforward affordable child’s play and social interaction for all or is it something else entirely?

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